3D Assets for Game Dev

You can find our 3D assets on the following platforms:

UE MarketplaceUnity Asset StoreItch.io

Project-world-agents (Codename) – Video Game

Alstra Infinite are currently working on a video game titled “Project-world-agents”. The game is still in the very early development phases. Make sure to check out the project updates page for more information.

The Game Wave – Podcast

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It’s all about video games, interviews, project updates and more random topics. Join us in this 30 min (or less) podcast – talk show – hybrid. Hosted by socommr. In collaboration with Alstra Infinite.

Mawjet Afkar – Podcast

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More info coming soon!

Editing and Streaming Tutorials – Online Video Series

In collaboration with socommr, the new editing and streaming tutorials videos series, contain great tips and information for all types of content creators. Does not matter if you are just starting out, or a professional creator, we are sure you’ll find useful tools to improve your content.